Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summertime brings us halfway through 2009.  Here are the happenings at AAI so far this year:

Domestic placements: 31
16 - Caucasian or other mixed race babies
11 - African American babies
 4 - African American/Caucasian babies

29 - matched adoptions through agency profiles
  2 - designated adoptions

In addition, we have had three other of our waiting families placed with babies born out of state.  They were linked with their birth mother through networking and AAI helped to facilitate the placement.

Waiting Families:

65 families waiting for a Caucasian baby (37 of these are also open to other mixed races)
 7 families waiting for an African American/Caucasian baby
 3 families waiting for an African American baby

 17 families are linked with a birth mother