Monday, August 31, 2009

August Plans

Nine babies joined their adoptive families in the month of August after their birth mothers lovingly followed through with their plans for adoption.  Some of these birth mothers had adoption planning in place early in their pregnancy and worked with one of AAI's pregnancy caseworkers for several weeks, selecting a family through agency profiles.  A few others crossed paths with the adoptive couple and then came to AAI to request help in facilitating their adoption plan.  One of our August birth mothers was courageous enough to recognize after just giving birth that adoption was the best plan for her baby even though she had no plans in place.  She placed her little one through the Safe Delivery of Newborns law with one of our waiting families.  Profile matches, networking and gift babies were all a part of August plans.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safe Delivery of Newborns Law

What is the Safe Delivery of Newborns law?

To end the tragedy of unwanted newborns being hidden and left to die in dumpsters and elsewhere, Michigan lawmakers passed a law, effective January 1, 2001, to make it legal for a parent to surrender their infant in a safe and anonymous manner. The newborn must be surrendered to an emergency service provider, which includes a hospital, fire department, police station, EMT or paramedic. A criminal investigation will not be initiated solely based on a newborn being surrendered.

How is AAI involved?

Because Adoption Associates has established excellent relationships with many hospitals around Michigan, we are often the first ones they call. AAI receives a phone call from a hospital where either the mother has surrendered the baby or the baby was brought by another emergency service provider. AAI responds immediately by identifying a family (usually the longest waiting family that qualifies) and works closely with the hospital to ensure proper paperwork and legal protocol have been followed. The law requires that the surrender must be made of an unharmed infant within 72 hours of the birth. In most cases the adoptive family is notified and a linked meeting with an AAI caseworker is scheduled for the following day. The caseworker will present all known information and then make a trip with the family to the hospital. AAI will introduce the family to the baby where they can visit with the baby while waiting for discharge.

To date, AAI has placed 26 infants into loving homes just hours after being born through the Safe Delivery of Newborns law. We respect birth mothers who are able to lovingly make this safe choice for their newborns and honored to be a part of blessing families with these little ones.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Good Read

Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families, written by Natalie Nichols Gillespie, is an informative guide on adoption.  The book guides the reader through the journey of adoption and offers further explanation and understanding by using symbols. For example a Red Stop Light are questions to consider, ask oneself, and pray about before taking action.  Green light, Go! are action points to apply in the adoption journey.  Though there are heart warming stories from adoptive parents, there is also a real depth in discovering the joys of ministry in orphan care and adoption. This book is a good read while you wait for your child.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Post Adoption Depression

Join with other domestic and international prospective adoptive parents on Monday, August 24 @ 6:00 pm at AAI's Meeting Room in Jenison, MI. The Meeting Room is right next to AAI's main building; the address is1352 Baldwin, Jenison, MI 49428.  We expect the meeting to last about one to one and one half hours. 

Our topic this quarter is Post Adoption Depression.  Post Adoption Depression refers to a combination of symptoms related to depression, experienced by an adoptive parent and occurring once a child is placed in an adoptive family's home.  The few scientific studies on PAD indicate that over half of adoptive mothers experience it ( depression.html).  

Kurt Ellis, MA, LLP will be speaking on PAD, as well as a panel of two adoptive mothers who experienced Post Adoption Depression.  We hope that you will join us to discuss this important topic! 

Everyone is welcome to attend--those who have adopted already, and have children placed in their home, as well as those who are "waiting."  We would like as many families to benefit from this meeting as possible.  These meetings are a great way to connect with other families who have adopted, or who are in the process of adopting as well.  Please contact your home study caseworker indicating that you are planning to attend and we will reserve a spot for you.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Three miracle births have connected three birth mothers' hearts and lives with three separate adoptive families.  Though strangers before, they now boast the LOVE that each precious life has brought them through making adoption each of their first choices.  One of these birth mothers found the family she had hoped for her son through profiles.  Two of these families found their own birth mother through networking.  Check back to hear more about their story!