Tuesday, June 30, 2009

J.U.N.E Fingerprints

We are pleased to announce that six more couples have welcomed precious little ones into their hearts and homes in the month of June.  Each adoption is unique.  Each story is special.  Our placements this month were marked like fingerprints - no two stories were alike...yet each one crafted by the Creator.  

Monday, June 22, 2009

Creating a Family

The internet radio show, Creating a Family, is an educational resource for adoptive families covering pre and post adoption  issues. The show is rated the top adoption podcast on iTunes, andprevious guests have included Deborah Gray (Attaching in Adoption), Sherrie Eldridge (Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew), Mary Hopkins-Best (Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft) Dr. Jane Aronson (international adoption doctor and founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation), Gregory Keck (Parenting the Hurt Child), Karen Foli (The Post-Adoption Blues),  Dr. Foster Cline (Love and Logic and Can This Child Be Saved),  Michele Bond (with the US State Department International Adoption section), and many more.
The shows airs every Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00 Eastern Time and  all old shows are still available for listening at the radio page of www.creatingafamily.com.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Straight from an Adoptive Dad's Heart

Here comes Father's Day... a hallmark day swirling with sentiment and emotion, but in the hallways of your heart this day is fragile.  Emotions are high, but likely not the good feeling ones.  Keep holding on, cling to the hope...  Read an excerpt of Kip's story written from a new dad's perspective as he reflected back on the wait.

I have to admit after a year of waiting I was giving up and had let a couple of friends know how doubtful I was of the process and that I didn’t feel we would ever get picked. It seems like adoption has gotten so popular and it started feeling like there was no hope. It was difficult hearing all the stories people would tell you about when we would mention were in the process. Our faith is strong yet I was fading in the process.  When we traveled to Traverse City with another couple for a long weekend I mentioned to them I was giving up and couldn’t bear the stresses of it anymore. In a sense, I had turned it over to God in my heart and low and behold ten days later we got the call from Jennifer the AAI social worker about our birth mom. She had chosen us to be the parents of her baby.   I was shocked and all the doubt and fear subsided. It started a whole new process within me and boy did it.  The anticipation and expectations soared.  I knew we had a whole lot to do in a short window of three months. I myself had tried to not let it grab my heart, trying to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. The wonderful opportunity being at the hospital for the actual birth was incredible. I myself kept pacing and was wondering “would she change her mind?” We were blessed with a blissful experience and praise to God for his blessing of a son.  Life and the perspective now as a FATHER hit quick.  I was so thankful I didn't give up.  He was worth all the wait!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Open Doors

Crossing paths and building relationships with those who closely encounter women in unplanned pregnancies brings opportunities for AAI to share ADOPTION with these women as they consider their alternatives.  We are confident that women who just were not expecting to be pregnant are often scared, concerned and open to hearing about their options.  At Adoption Associates, Inc. we want to be sure that those first contacts (hospitals, OB/GYN offices and crisis pregnancies) are equipped to share the message of ADOPTION as well.  

This week AAI hosted an inservice for hospital social workers at an eastside Michigan hospital. Paula presented the process of domestic adoption and how hospital social workers can readily include adoption as an option for any new parent who is asking.  

A few counties away in mid-Michigan, Nancy, dropped off some donated baby clothing to a local crisis pregnancy center and was invited to come back to present ADOPTION to their entire staff.  They are eager to incorporate more resources and talk about adoption.

Doors are being opened - doors to encourage 'choosing life', doors to educate about the blessing of adoption for both expectant parents and waiting adoptive parents, doors for the future of adoption.  We are committed to developing relationships that bring hope for unborn babies, positive plans for expectant birth mothers and children for waiting families.  Do you know of a potential relationship opportunity that we could develop with a crisis pregnancy center, OB/GYN office or hospital? Let your caseworker know or call our offices 1-800-67-ADOPT.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogging Our Adoption Journey

Blogging is a personal online journal that is updated frequently and intended for general public consumption.  You have certainly heard about the craze, but have you considered it as a tool in your social networking efforts?  Adoptive families are using blogs not only to keep family and friends updated on their journey, but also to make themselves available to birth mothers surfing the internet. Blogging is the first of our social networking ideas that we will highlight for waiting adoptive parents.  Read Wendy's thoughts below and then check out their blog.

by Wendy   
In July of 2006, my husband and I decided that we wanted to start our family. We were really excited and talked a lot about baby names and what our child might look like. After trying to conceive for about a year with no success, we decided to see a specialist. As we began going through infertility treatment, I started looking online for information about what we were going through. I joined fertility-related chat boards and got to know others who were going through the same things that we were. Three years later, I am still in contact with some of the same people, even though we are at different points in the process. I discovered the world of blogging through many of these women. By reading their blogs, I was able to see that we were not alone in our struggle to have a baby.
In July of 2007, I decided to start my own blog. It began as a way for me to write about how I was feeling in an online journal. As I wrote about each step of our treatment, I was able to sort out my feelings. As I continued to write, other bloggers and non-bloggers began to read what I had written. These readers have become a great support system for me. I read their blogs as well.
After we moved from medical treatment to the world of domestic adoption, writing a blog became a way for me to document our journey to our child. I wrote about how we chose to work with Adoption Associates and how we completed the home study process. Now we are waiting to be chosen by expectant parents who are considering adoption. I have been writing about us being a waiting family. I always look forward to reading the comments and feedbacks I get after I write each post. It really helps me to feel connected to other people who are adopting. I have also been fortunate enough to “talk” online to a birthmother who also reads my blog. The waiting can be stressful. Many of the people who read my blog have offered a lot of wonderful advice about how to get through this time. The readers have also reminded me that it is important to focus on ourselves as a couple and to enjoy each step of our road to parenthood.
When I read some of my old posts, I am reminded of how much we have been through. My online friends have grieved our losses and celebrated our milestones with us. Every step of this journey, from making the decision to adopt to the present waiting period, has been a learning process. Blogging has, for me, been a valuable form of self-expression.
You can read my blog, Our Story: A Blog about Adoption, IVF, and Infertility at http://wendy-steve-andg3.blogspot.com/.

Also check out:  chrisandlisafamily.blogspot.com for an example of posting a profile

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seeking Adoptive Families for our African American Babies

There are opportunities for families interested in adopting an African-American infant.  Because of our increased placement numbers of African American babies, AAI only has a handful of families waiting for such a little one with only three of these families being from Michigan. 

We are interested in helping couples build their families. Often during their waiting time, couples come to realize that their desire to be a family transcends race.  If you are one of those couples, contact your home study caseworker to let her know of your interest. She'll be able to guide you through the steps of welcoming an African American baby into your heart and home.

...or if you are not already an Adoption Associates family and you are interested in learning more about the domestic adoption process please contact one of our caseworkers at 1-800-67-ADOPT.  We would be honored to get you started on the journey of a lifetime!