Friday, June 12, 2009

Open Doors

Crossing paths and building relationships with those who closely encounter women in unplanned pregnancies brings opportunities for AAI to share ADOPTION with these women as they consider their alternatives.  We are confident that women who just were not expecting to be pregnant are often scared, concerned and open to hearing about their options.  At Adoption Associates, Inc. we want to be sure that those first contacts (hospitals, OB/GYN offices and crisis pregnancies) are equipped to share the message of ADOPTION as well.  

This week AAI hosted an inservice for hospital social workers at an eastside Michigan hospital. Paula presented the process of domestic adoption and how hospital social workers can readily include adoption as an option for any new parent who is asking.  

A few counties away in mid-Michigan, Nancy, dropped off some donated baby clothing to a local crisis pregnancy center and was invited to come back to present ADOPTION to their entire staff.  They are eager to incorporate more resources and talk about adoption.

Doors are being opened - doors to encourage 'choosing life', doors to educate about the blessing of adoption for both expectant parents and waiting adoptive parents, doors for the future of adoption.  We are committed to developing relationships that bring hope for unborn babies, positive plans for expectant birth mothers and children for waiting families.  Do you know of a potential relationship opportunity that we could develop with a crisis pregnancy center, OB/GYN office or hospital? Let your caseworker know or call our offices 1-800-67-ADOPT.