Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be Our Guest

If difficult or unusual legal circumstances warrant host care to be a part of your adoption journey, you can rest assured that your little one is embraced in love and spoiled with undivided attention from one of AAI's host couples.  We have a small group of dedicated couples who find it an honor to care for these little ones in their licensed foster home until the day they join your home forever.  Because they realize these little ones are already secured in your hearts and the bonding has begun, they welcome you to visit, take pictures and call throughout the day to "check in."  As has been the experience of most every AAI family who has had the privilege of crossing paths with our host families, we're quite certain that you will make new friends and find even more to appreciate about the process than what you first imagined.  So leave your fear at their doorstep and embrace host care!

From one of our host moms:
"Babies are my passion.  I have loved babies since I was a very young girl.  God has given me the opportunity to be a host mother for 32 years, providing care to 254 babies.  My husband and I have lots of love to share and lots of time to share it!  Each baby gets our total, undivided attention.  There is nothing better than cuddling, rocking and caring for a new baby.  I also love to dress them up with my collection of baby clothes and accessories to go with them.  Much love goes into the care of our little ones."

Meeting the adoptive families and spending time with them in our home has been a wonderful experience.  In some cases, we have become casual friends, although that is not expected from us.  We enjoy emails and pictures from some to keep us updated on "our babies".  We have even attended many baptisms and birthday parties.  How special is that!"