Saturday, March 6, 2010

Relationships for Life and Adoption!

AAI staff is focusing on RELATIONSHIPS with those who cross paths with women in unplanned pregnancies for the purpose of communicating the message of LIFE and ADOPTION!  After a careful look at our referral sources we are certain that RELATIONSHIPS are key.  Many of those in the medical and public social service arenas shared that they struggle with how to professionally approach the topic of LIFE and ADOPTION with women who are weighed down by deciding how to proceed with her pregnancy.  We want to help!

February proved to be a busy month of connecting with new faces and reestablishing our support and working, professional relationships with those at OB/GYN offices, abortion clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, hospitals, college and high school campuses throughout Michigan.  We are also in process of launching a new birth mother website to reach women throughout the United States.

Do you have places in your community that we can connect with to share the message of LIFE and ADOPTION?  Contact your caseworker with any suggestions you might have!