Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honoring Courage

Since the beginning of 2010, 48 mothers have been deeply transformed by the collision of emotion at the heart of adoption.

Love had brought heartache... and then from heartache grew love!

Pain has cried out for healing... and then healing one day replaced the pain! 

Loss gave way to hope... and then hope changed lives lost.

Honoring the courage of 24 birth mothers who selflessly gave of themselves out of love for their child!

Holly Jasmin Alicia Carri Dominique Pamela
Jennifer Sarah Gracie Abby Evelyn Charity
Brenda Amanda Crystal Brandi Aimee Angela
Alicia Jessica Kathleen Safe Delivery BM (2)
Erika  Katherine Rachael

Celebrating the journey of 24 mothers who have received a gift of love in a life-sized bundle called son or daughter!

Annette Wendy Lisa Susan Monika Sarah
Talia Nicole April Debra Jennifer Melissa
Theresa Cheryl Julie Carrie Renee Carlia
Sandra Deanna Brooke  Jamie Susanna Stephanie

For you all have been through pain, heartache, and loss, and as memories of days past fade, we pray that the healing, love and hope will multiply.

Take heart for those of you in-waiting... it is our prayer that you soon will be in the collision of emotion... moving from heartache to love, from pain to healing and from loss to hope again!

Thinking of all of you on Mother's Day.