Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rounding out the Summer

Four baby boys and three baby girls joined seven families this August.  Six of their birth mothers choose just the right family for her baby through agency profiles, while one birth mother found her baby's adoptive family through a friend connection after she had given birth.

Summer sun is setting, but fall brings great hope as we typically find new connections with birth mothers who have been chillin' during the summer and a renewed vigor from organizations who are gearing up for a new season.  We encourage you to share your heart's desire to add to your family through adoption with those you know who are in touch with women in unplanned pregnancies:

pregnancy clinics * nurses * high school/college counselors * pastors
abortion clinics * youth leaders * OB/GYN docs * DHS workers

For suggestions on how to get your word out, check in with your caseworker.  She'll be happy to help!