Tuesday, February 1, 2011


All across Michigan we're looking outside at Blizzard 2011....or so they say.

Inside at AAI, we've experienced a blizzard of our own. 2011 is off to a fast and furious start with 10 placements marking the month of January. Seven of the ten birth mothers contacted us just a few days before giving birth or from the hospital after giving birth. We believe that our networking efforts with hospitals and pregnancy clinics have created excellent relationships so that when working with a birth mother considering adoption, they think of AAI! Further, have you heard AAI on the radio in your area? - We now have spots intended to spark birth mothers' attention on several radio stations across Michigan.

Looking ahead to February, we have four hearings scheduled for February with another six pending a hearing date. Beyond this we are working with about 30 other birth mothers right now that are in varying stages of their adoption planning.

So here's to January - Celebrating all of the babies that have been given a hope and a future from birth mothers who care so much. We're so hopeful that you'll experience your own excitement in adoption in 2011. If you have questions or just need a chat, feel free to contact your caseworker. We're here for you!