Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming... you don't need the reminder; they are all around you. It often proves to be the most difficult "holiday" for women waiting to become mothers, yet it still comes around every year. We recognize that without a baby in your arms, you're not doing a whole lot of celebrating this year. Grasp the hope that adoption brings and allow it to be rooted in your heart. Nurture that hope by: 
  •  journaling or blogging your journey; maybe write a letter to baby 
  •  reading parenting books 
  •  attending your local offices Waiting Families meetings 
  •  praying for your baby's birth mother
  •  connecting with adoptive moms who have been there
Karin reflects on past Mother's Days...I remember the isolation and loneliness. Feeling like no one understood - not even my husband. Feeling like I was watching other people live their lives. Being so disconnected from relationships. Not participating in the joy life had to offer.I remember trying to be polite and socially acceptable while inside I wanted to tell people what they just said to me was really stupid and insensitive. I remember not liking that people knew or talked about why we weren't having children over their Sunday lunches. I remember how when each girlfriend told me of their happy news it felt like a punch in my stomach. Being in God's waiting room was a tough place to be when you are a control freak like me. Suffering is a gift that does build character but that cannot always be appreciated until you are on the other side of the pain. Mother's Day was always rough and very public. It is a hard day to bear when you are already feeling so fragile. The good news is that God is always there. Whether you have a biological baby or adopt a child. Whether you have one child or eight. Whether your child looks like you or not. Whether your child is disabled or not. Think of the worst thing that could happen to you...the thing you most fear - even if it came to be - God would still be holding us. God can heal our every wound. He is our father, mother, friend - he is our everything. Draw near to God this Mother's Day and he will not disappoint you.

...and know that we are here with you and look forward to celebrating with you one day!