Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting the Word Out

Farmington Hills director, Paula Springer, is passionate about  

getting the word out.  She is determined and driven in her work to help expectant women know about her options when considering what is best for her and her baby.  For Paula it makes the most sense to cross paths with other professionals meeting with women in unplanned pregnancies.  She frequently makes herself available to share adoption at crisis pregnancy centers.  Most recently she jumped at the opportunity when invited to speak at an inservice for the staff at a crisis pregnancy center in southeastern Michigan.  Throughout her presentation, she was pleased to learn that this CPC makes it a priority to present adoption as an option and was delighted to build on the strong connection with Adoption Associates,Inc.

When a new crisis pregnancy center opened up just down the road from Adoption Associates - Lansing, one of the first people through their door was our own Nancy Cannon, director of the Lansing office.  Nancy was received with open arms and was able to present our birth parent services to the staff at this CPC.  A new relationship was established with workers on the front lines of meeting with women in unplanned pregnancies.

Do you know about a Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area that might benefit from our staff either talking with them or receiving our information?  Please let your caseworker know if you have ideas.